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dukewellcott's Journal

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Duke. Advisor. Friends to those in knee-deep.

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3d movies, absinthe, academic parodies, admiralty, affording bills, affording rent, alan moore, american chopper, ancient languages, aphex twin, balkan studies, batman, beer, being a cum slut, bill o'reilly, borges, boron, brewster the dissertation ducky, bull, business, cambell, cats, central eurasian studies, chris loves moscow, climatology, coastal studies, coastal zone management, comedy, comedy folk, computers, cosby, crl, debian, democratic socialism, deutscher schäferhund, dostoevsky, drive-thru, duke welcot, duke wellcott, duke's cosby project, duke's wang, durty nelly's, earth sciences, ec8or, education, environmental history, environmental law, eurasian studies, european union, fall river culture, farmer labor movement, firearms, forensic investigations, frank miller, genociding mind-flayers, geomorphology, geosciences, german shepherd, gis, glacial geology, good-government liberalism, government, historical sexuality, hst, hunter s thompson, infinite canvas, journalism, ken, kidnapping gnomes, law, linguistics, literally, ludology, maritime law, medieval history, mexico, my penis, neil gaiman, neuro-linguistic programming, noaa, nyarlathotep, o'reilly factor, oath of crossed blades, older guys, paleoclimatology, philosophy, phrenology, pi, placebo, politics, protest folk, psychoanalytic theory, pwei, rachel, reading shit, religion, self parody, senoritas, senors, seppuku, serbo-croatian, slavic studies, sluts that bare all, smoking reds, talking about myself, tech demos, the cosby show, the huxtables, usgs, wax trax, wendy kesselman, yenta